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It goes without saying that SK Gaming is extremely proud of its members. Over the course of the coming weeks we will be interviewing some prominent members of the SK community to find out about their gaming careers as well as their contributions to SK. This time we’ve touched base with [SK]Scan! He is known for his numerous tournament victories and contributions in the foreign scene.

-          How old are you?

23 years old. I will be turning 24 years old on Oct 14th.

-          How long have you been playing StarCraft? 

Fourteen years? There's some what break that I've taken though.

-          Why did you start playing StarCraft? What intrigued you about the game? 

Everyone pretty much played StarCraft when I was young. You will pretty much become an outsider if you didn't know about this game in Korea. The game is pretty much similar to become a professional body builder/olympic player. The amount of work and effort pay to you to feel the achievement.

-          What race do you play?


-          Which match-up do you have the most difficulty with, and why?

I don't think I technically feel the difficulty in any matchup. However, TvP is a bit hard due to the race advantage in general.

-          What is your practice routine?

I honestly don't have my practice routine now. I used to play like hours and hours, prepare 2 or more like a month ahead to practice tournament and gave me bad results in ASL1, 2, and 3. I spent a short amount of practice for ASL4 qualifiers; It gave me a good result even if I met a strong player.

-          What do you think about StarCraft: Remastered and the updated graphics? Do you still play in 4:3 aspect ratio? 

Update is somewhat cool, but I do not like the dark swarm with any units inside of it. Nearly impossible to see lurkers inside of dark swarm. Yes, I play in 4:3 aspect ratio.

-          What Brood War players do you look up to and why?

Flash, Last, Mong, and Shinee. Flash's play helps a lot to learn in general, Mong's playstyle is very similar to mine, Shinee's playstyle is interesting sometimes, and better than me at TvT.

-          Do you play any other games besides StarCraft?

I have PUBG, LoL, Osu. Mostly PUBG and SC atm.

-          What do you do for fun outside of gaming?

Have fun with friends and get along with other Korean Twitch streamers.

-          Do you have anything coming up that you want your fans to know about?

Wish me a good luck in the future tournaments that I'll be participating

-          Any shout outs?

FOLLOW/DONATE/SUBSCRIBE my stream channel and hope to see a strong non-Korean Terran in the community!

Link to [SK]Scan’s stream:


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In this installment of the Interview Series we talk to [SK] Effect head of the Player Unknowns Battlegrounds Squad

o   Tell us about yourself! How old are you? Where are you from? How did you get started with gaming, and what brought you towards PUBG?

Hello! My name is Kevin "EffeCt" Laird. I am a 30 year old father of 3 boys, and currently live in South Carolina. I got my real start in gaming around 1999 with StarCraft, and when Halo 2 came out discovered I had a more natural talent at FPS games. I've had a want for a new type of game, with freedom to make more choices based on preference. PUBG gave me an opportunity to grow into a more complete FPS gamer, and has made me into a top tier shot caller. The way my heart races every game when I get into a firefight keeps me hooked.

o   I understand you played Rainbow Six Siege competitively. How was your time with that game? Tell us about some of your accomplishments.

I was never a pro R6S player but in the 3 short months I played it, I reached gold rank with around a 3.5 K/D. I was a semi-pro in Halo 2 and Halo 3, having top 10 finishes in several 2v2 and 4v4 seasons on Gamebattles. I have reached top 250 in PUBG duos but know I can easily break top 100 with enough hours this season.

o   Did you find the transition from Rainbow Six Siege to PUBG particularly difficult or did your skills transfer over naturally?

The transition between R6S and PUBG was difficult, mainly because when PUBG first came out it was a 3rd person only game. Being an FPS player and as R6S was first person (and much much better optimized), I had to grind a lot of games to feel comfortable with the changeover.

o   The game has exploded over the last couple months; over the last 24 hours, Steam has reported a 2 million player peak. What do you think has contributed to the success of the game?

PUBG has been so successful because of Twitch, consistent patches, and a development team that cares about the direction of the game. New weapons, maps, vehicles, skins, etc... are a nice way to keep that community interest intact. I think PUBG is the most realistic battle royal game out, and it shows in the amount of people playing.

o   What is your initial strategy at the beginning of a match? Do you have a particular area on the map that you favor?

My favorite strategy is to jump to a known vehicle spawn area and take a vehicle to a medium-large city that would have been impossible to reach by parachute. Ideally, I got to Military Base, Pochinki, or West Georgopol. I don't mind an early fight, but I feel like my team has a better chance of getting into the top final 10 if we have more time to loot and prepare. Early fights are very distracting and if your teammates get downed or killed, you're either alone or a much smaller band for the remainder of the game.

o   Do you have any tips for beginners who are picking up PUBG for the first time?

-Grind a lot of hours and get to know the map. Geography/topography are insanely important to be familiar with, as you will be able to know where you can drive without flipping your vehicle on a random bump (happened to me a lot).

-LAND IN HOT ZONES!!! A LOT!!! You have to fight a lot to get used to all of the weapons and their recoil. More importantly in some ways, you need to become more comfortable with your breathing and nerves. This game is extremely high stress and pressure, but the more you put yourself in intense situations, the more calm you will become. A racing heart is not conducive to steady mouse aim.

-DON'T CAMP if you want to get better. You will never improve or have a good shot at winning a game if you sit in a house, terrified, for the entire game. Get out there and pick up some frags.

o   What is your favourite thing about being a part of SK Gaming?

My favorite thing about SK is how close and nice everyone on the team is. It is a very positive atmosphere and feels like a family. I really enjoy the dedication shown by my teammates in every game they play.

o   What can we expect from you and [SK]’s PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds team?

The SK PUBG team will be working hard to get some wins in online tournaments. In the future, if we are good enough and show enough results, we could potentially pick up a sponsorship of some kind that would lead to offline events and invitationals. I believe we have it in us to do it.

o   Do you have shout outs?

Shout out to my kids and my beautiful wife. Shout out to everyone in this team for being so welcoming. And last but never least, shout out to 619 for being such a great leader. I'm so happy to be here.



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In this edition of the interview series we talked with [SK]TerrOr, who just won the South American Qualifiers for the Zotac Cup Masters, which has a 20,000 dollar prize pool! 

  • Tell us about yourself! How old are you? Where are you from? When did you start playing StarCraft? What race do you main? 

Yo hi I am Rodrigo Campos, a Peruvian StarCraft player; I am 25 years old. I started playing back in 2008. I qualified for my first WCG the same year. I stopped playing in 2012 and returned last year. I play the manliest race: Terran.

  • Congratulations on your recent success at the Zotac South American Qualifiers! How were your matches? Did you encounter any major difficulties at any point in the tournament? 

Thanks. Well the South American qualifier was really intense, it took 10 hours but thankfully I was able to win. My most difficult matches were against zety and dandy, 2-1 and 3-2 respectively; they were really close series.

  • Now that you have qualified for the Zotac Cup Masters, when is your next match? Do you have a practice schedule? If so, what does it look like? 

Well I am doing all the paperwork to get my visa in time. So far I know Hawk won the 1st North American qualifier; there are still 3 more qualifiers for North America and 1 more for South America. The LAN finals will be held on the first week of December. My practice schedule is a bit messy because I practice when I have time but I try to play at least 2-3 hours a day. I also watch a lot of stream content when I am not able to play.

  • Which match-up do you have the most difficulty with? 

This is going to sound weird because I won the qualifier playing TvP but I have the most difficulty with it; it used to be my best MU but I think nowadays my TvZ is my best.

  • Do you look up to any Brood War players in particular, and why? 

Being a Terran player myself I have to look up to Flash. He is not only the best Terran player but the best StarCraft player ever. Sometimes I feel that just by watching his stream I am getting better lol.

  • Why did you start playing StarCraft? 

StarCraft was very popular here in Peru because in every LAN center/PC bang/cyber-cafe you could play it. Wherever you went you would see someone playing StarCraft so I tried once and knew this would be my game.

  • Do you play any other games besides StarCraft? 

I used to play DotA 2, CS:GO but nowadays I am only playing StarCraft and smartphone games lol (Clash Royale FTW).

  • I speak for everyone in SK when I say that we will be cheering for you in this tournament! Do you have any shout outs or anything you would like to say to your fans?

Thanks man I will do my best. I will bring it home for the SK team you are all crazy nerds



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